[AuthorAndRating title=’Healthy Loser Review’ itemname=’Healthy Loser’ authorName=’WeightLossChallengeReviews’ date=’28-02-2012′ rating=’3′ keyword=’Healthy Loser’ summary=’The Healthy Loser is a no pressure way to lose weight.’]


Healthy Loser LogoThe Healthy Loser is structured to provide an incentive to contestants to participate but without high pressure or bullying. Participants can move at their own pace following any weight loss system they choose.

Official website: www.healthyloser.com


Three winners are chosen at the end of the challenge period and prizes are awarded as follows:

  • $5000 for first place
  • $1500 for second place
  • $500 for third place

Healthy Loser Details

Healthy Loser challenges are organized in different locations with up to 300 participants at each location. If there isn’t a challenge in your area you can still participate remotely. Currently, this challenge is only open to residents of US and Canada.

There are three contest rounds a year and each round lasts for 91 days.

Participants can use any weight loss system they choose.

Support for participants

There is as little or as much support available based on your personal choice. You can contact the Healthy Loser nutrition/fitness team who will help you determine what solution will work best for you. Communication happens over skype or by email.

Judging criteria

The winners are chosen based on the highest percent of body weight lost.

Cost and required products

There is a $100 entry fee. There are no required product purchases and contestant can follow any weight loss program they choose.

We attempt to provide information that is accurate and up-to-date. However, contest rules change frequently so be sure to check the official Weight Loss Challenge website for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

If you find any details that are out of date or incorrect please let us know on our contact page.